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How safe is your Jewelry Safe?

Jewelry safes, as the term suggest are used to keep your precious accessories safe. Often more trusted compared to traditional lockers at home or offices, a standard jewelry safe is built to resist burglary attempts more efficiently. More often than not, people prefer keeping their jewelry inside bank lockers rather than inside their home. As it is a widely shared fear that their assets are not safe within their house.

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So what kind of jewelry safes should you go for?

Customers may choose to go with a TL-15 rated safe, which implies that these safes can withstand an attempt of burglary for 15 minutes. In other words, if a burglar must attempt to break into the safe, using any such tools as an ordinary locksmith would, it would take him at least 15 minutes to do so. This, for burglars is a long time, for their essential job depends upon careful management of time. Thereby, a TL-15 safe might actually be good enough to withstand any attempts of a break in. A stronger deterrent would be the TL-30 jewelry safe. These safes have undergone multiple tests to ensure that no attempts at burglary are ever successful. Tools such as sledgehammers and carbide discs could not cut through it. It can safely be said that, there is no way in which these safes may be broken no matter how much time is devoted. It may take hours at the minimum.

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These jewelry safes are not only built to withstand a break in but are also fireproof. So, in case of a fire, your jewelry would remain unharmed. Customers must look for fireproof ratings, such as a 1-1/2 hours 350 degree F rating which means that the external temperature may rise to 1700 degree F fire and it may last for about an hour and half, but the temperature within the safe would not exceed 350 degrees F. At this temperature your belongings will be safe from any extreme damage.

There are a number of locking features to choose from when considering using jewelry safe. Both traditional dial locks and the more modern electronic keypad locks are available. Customers going for the traditional locks must choose the 4 number combination as it is more secure. However in terms of convenience the electronic keypad locks are the one to choose. In these locks all the user has to do is enter the combination on a PIN pad, as seen in ATM machines. Multiple users may also be allowed in such systems by creating multiple PIN numbers. When choosing such systems, go for LaGard, Sargent and Greenleaf keypads.

Also make sure that the jewelry safe has one or more re-locking mechanisms. This would help when someone tries to tamper with the lock, by immediately re- locking it. Other factors to consider include storage provisions and interior shelving.

Keep your jewelries safe

There are a number of things to be considered when choosing your jewelry safe. It is indeed one of the best ways to safeguard your valuables. Keeping the given details in mind would help you choose the right fit for you. Get some exciting information regarding weapons and safes by reading here!