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Interior Paint Guide: Which Paints to Use in Specific Rooms

It is very important to choose the right paint for the different room in order to have the perfect interiors. Since different areas of the house face different temperatures, they need to bicolored differently. Your house can look like a dream if you can select the perfect color and paint for each room. It is not possible for everyone to color their house on their own and hence you can opt for Richmond Hill painters.

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Kitchen Walls

The kitchen walls witness a lot of grime and dirt and hence you need to choose the kitchen paint carefully. You should avoid using matter paints because it would be tough to wipe it. If you are worried about cleaning the kitchen walls easily then you can opt for the glossy paints because they will make the process of cleaning easier.

Bathroom Walls

The bathroom walls are prone to a lot of moisture and hence they need to be wiped. The paint which can be easily wiped off should be ideal for the bathroom walls. You should opt for glossier paints. The bathroom paints should have a tight molecular structure so that the moisture cannot penetrate easily. you can opt for the service of Richmond Hill painters to paint your house.


Many people paint their ceilings white in color. It is a well-known fact that white helps in light reflection and makes the room appear larger. The glossy paints make the rooms look smaller whereas flat or matte paints do not. You can take the help of Richmond Hill painters in order to make your house look remarkable.

Cabinets, Windows and Doors

You can use water-soluble enamel or oil-based paints for the cabinets, doors and windows. These paints provide a smooth finish and make the doors, windows and cabinets look outstanding. A major disadvantage of this paint is that the  take too long to dry and can lead to strong fumes if they catch fire.

Shower or Bathtub

If you are planning to color the bathtub walls or shower walls then you will have a tough time to figure out the paint which will be perfect. You can take the help of Richmond Hill painters in order to get the perfect finish.


The porous paper covering of the drywalls absorbs the liquid drastically. You can lay a primer on it and then paint it with a color coat.

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Bedroom and Living Room Walls

You can easily use any paint of your choice in the living room and bedroom because these areas do not face a lot of impact. Usually, the common choices of paint for these regions are eggshell sheen, latex, flat or satin paints.

Basement Masonry Walls

The basement walls often witness water and hence you can opt for a flexible primer and a finish for the basement walls. By opting for Richmond Hill painters, you can make sure that your house is perfect.

By acquiring deep knowledge regarding the kind of paint you should use in the various parts of the house you can make sure that your house looks beautiful as well as remains protected from the harsh weather conditions.