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Be successful in selling estates all by yourself

Looking for an easy way to make a few extra bucks? Try estate sales. This has become a very popular medium of both earning money and clearing out space and remove unwanted stuff. But you must know how the whole process works.

Research items

Making mistake with the pricing of an item is not unusual. People often choose their first instinct and price the items really low, only to find out later that the item could have worth much more. So it is better to research before you get into it.

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Mark the Prices Clearly

If you are planning to get down to the business of estate sales you must know bargaining is a huge part of it. It has to be made easy for the customer to decide which item to buy and it has to be done by you. Marking the prices properly and clearly will ensure a smooth sailing process.


The whole house should have enough staff to cater to the needs of the customers who have come to purchase items. This will also decrease the chances of thefts.

Proper set up

Set your house up properly for estate sales. There should be enough space to keep the items, and for the shoppers to settle down as well as for you to make monetary transactions.

Parking availability

Mark the parking area clearly so that customers do not experience any problem in parking their vehicle. It might lead to a bad impression of you, the seller. There are also chances of them parking on the property itself.


You better be prepared for a large crowd early on in the auction. A lot of shoppers come in early during these estate sales. If you are not prepared the sales might drop, and worse yet thievery might also take place.

Place the Items correctly

This is extremely important. Certain items belong to certain places and shoppers are used to thing being in a certain order. Many times shoppers expect a certain item to be placed in a certain section of the house and directly go there with the intention of buying them. So make sure that you place them correctly.

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There are a lot of ways in which you can advertise your estate sale. Newspapers are always an option; you can also make use of bulletin board, and better yet use mobile apps, or even social media. Advertising will spread the news everywhere and you are sure to meet the right shoppers.

Direct the shoppers

You don’t want your shoppers getting lost so if it is not too much of a hassle then make sure that you provide directions to the shoppers. Make it easy and simple, by using arrows pointing towards the correct address.

If you think you cannot handle so much, there is always the option of hiring professionals for estate sales. There are companies that provide such services, such as set up and run their sales.