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Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2017 Recap

Here are some pics I took at the sale this year. Sorry if they're not the best quality. I was shopping at the same time and had my hands full! In the picture above you can see the DJ so there are good tunes from The Freshest while you shop. The green Ikea style bags are provided to hold all the clothing you find. Unfortunately for me I didn't find the items I was looking for which was black leggings and black work pants.

Above are the shoes for sale. Mostly sneakers and mostly small sizes. They range in price mostly $29.99 or $59.99.

Here are the jeans for sale. There are two large sections for jeans that are organized by size. The house brands are priced well at around $29.99-$39.99 and the premium brands are mostly around $99.99.

Here are the leather handbags for sale. Mostly they're 50% off.

Here are the boxes of leggings for sale. Mostly they're different colours/prints. There are some black ones but I couldn't find my size. :( The Stride style is priced at $2…

Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2017

Heads up Vancouver! It's almost time for the Aritzia Warehouse Sale! Get your slip on sneakers ready!

If you've been a long time reader then you know I've been posting about this sale since 2010! This year I'm just as excited as ever. I hope to find leggings and work pants this time. Check out my posts about the sale from 2010, 2011 and 2014 to see what I got before.
Here are some of my tips if you're attending the sale:
1. Wear an appropriate outfit (and undergarments!) - I've found the best thing to wear is comfortable shoes you can easily take on and off like slip on sneakers and a form fitting dress or tank top and skirt. That way you can easily try on tops/sweaters/jackets on top of your outfit and pants/shorts without taking your bottoms off. And it's a communal fitting room so that's why you should be mindful of your undergarments.
2. Don't bring a purse - if you have pockets use them or else carry a small wristlet because they have a bag ch…