Denim Style Inspiration

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I am really loving these denim looks right now. I can't wait to wear my denim jacket once again when spring comes. The double denim or "Canadian tuxedo" look is a classic but looks fresh here with the similar washes and patchwork embellishments.

Pics from my Pinterest board "Men"

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  1. I love denim too, those patches are amazing ♡

  2. love denim and patches too this is perfect ! inspired! xO!


  3. This whole oversized street grunge look brings denim to the next level!

  4. The denim on denim look definitely is not going anywhere; it is here to stay..

  5. I love embellished denim! I don't have any myself but I've seen lots of great DIYs so I guess that's always an option :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Obsessed with that second jacket! I'm currently customizing my denim jacket and vest and obsessed with embroidered patches. There are so many online stores popping up with patches and pins.

    PS. I really like your blog!

  7. The jeans for men are so cool,after reading your post, I'm considering buying one for my boyfriend. Thanks for your sharing, looking forward to see more beautiful post from you.


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