Blanche Macdonald Centre Nocturnes Annual Graduate Fashion Show 2017

I had the pleasure of attending the Blanche Macdonald Centre annual graduate fashion show again this year. The show was titled Nocturnes and featured some amazing designs.

The show was held at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver which was a lovely large space that could accommodate the sold out show. It was fun to watch the show with the designers who all sat in the front row.

There was a reception before the show that showcased the portfolio work from the graduates. It's amazing to see the sketches and design inspiration. Congrats to all the graduates! It was a wonderful show and I look forward to attending again next year.

List of the 2017 Fashion Design Graduates:
Kari Hong
Daynah Notting
Amandeep Kaur Sandhu
Hannah Eriksson
Felicia Vandurme
Katie Link
Aasta Grosseth
Ansih Yoila
Stephanie Pearse
Jessica Zhu
Anita Wong
Maree Lennox
Niki Pasini
Kristen Meerse
Zoey Lee
Brittany Peters
Xinhua (Serena) Du
Seaera Pouliott
Jenine Smith
Sadie Russell
Jasmine Leung
Inch (Annabell) Yang

Mini Perfume Collection

Today I'm sharing my mini perfume collection. I've collected these five over the years and I have them displayed on a shelf. They're too cute to use! Do you display your fragrances?
Versace Bright Crystal Absolu, Chloe Love Story, Dior J'adore, Calvin Klein Eternity Now, Bottega Veneta
And in case you're wondering the perfume I am using right now is Carven L'eau de toilette.

Winter Style Inspiration

These are the looks that I'm feeling for this winter. All black with sneakers and a dark lip. Hats and sunglasses if necessary. 
All images via my Pinterest